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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

THANK YOU for voting!

Thank you to everyone who voted yesterday!  The Levy passed!

From www.kmvt.com

13 out of 13 precincts reporting on a two-year levy.

2-year, $9 Million

1,665 for, 865 against or 66% for, 34% against

Here is the power voting...  Thanks for voting! 

All precincts reporting on a two-year levy.

2-year, $190,000

111 for, 115 against or 49% for, 51% against

Friday, March 1, 2013

6th Grade Locker Caddies

The 6th graders have been completing some really excellent Locker Caddies!  

They have also been participating in excellent peer to peer assistance and support. 
It has been really cool to watch and I am proud to have such capable and helpful students in my classes.

One student came to us late, so we upcycled an old T-shirt to create his pockets - how cool is that??!!  

New Technology!

Thank you to the Twin Falls Education Foundation 
for the money provided for new interactive projectors!  

We LOVE ours! 

Destry A. exploring what needs and wants are by T charting them for the occupation of Dentist.