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8th Grade Stress Men and Flyers

Here is what the 8th graders have to say about what we are learning...

We've been learning about stress and figuring out how to relieve it. We have made note catchers saying how to relieve stress and we glued it to a poster so everyone can read it and get ideas. We also made gingerbread people with how stress feels, and how stress free feels.

Prior to learning about stress, we got into groups and made Venn diagrams about our roles in life. We discussed what responsibilities we have in each of those roles. Some examples were: brother, sister, niece, babysitter, nephew, etc. We discussed what makes us stressed from those roles and how to deal with it. We are also learning about the tap out which helps relax you and many other stress relief techniques.

-Submitted by: Cynthia O and Bailee P

(The link to the Tap Out above is slightly different than the technique we learned in class.  If you are interested in learning more see this video:  Body Talk Cortices. Or visit: BodyTalkIdaho. )

In addition to the above.. here is what 5th period has to say about stress relief and stress prevention:

Stress is your body's response to any kind of demand.

Stress relief is what you might do in the immediate to help relieve stress NOW. Ideas include:  
Go to your happy place, take a break, take deep breaths, sleep (when appropriate), stress ball, tap out, work out, do something you enjoy, laugh, & go play (sports, games, reading, laughing...).

Stress Prevention is what you might choose to do with your daily, weekly, or yearly life that will help to reduce stress overall in your life.  Ideas include: 
Be prepared for class, be prepared for everything, get enough sleep, don't take on too much, do what you're suppose to do, follow rules, think ahead, use time wisely, get stuff done on time, & do your homework on time.

Contribued by: Sean O., Georgianna C.,  Jordan D., Shaina A., & Jaelynn B.

Stress is a Matter of Perspective, 
Point of View, 
or your own personal Perception 
of what is and is not stressful.  

If you feel stress one way to deal with it is to think:
"How could I change my point of view so this is NOT stressful anymore?"

Our activity for these days:  

The 8th graders learned about stress a couple of weeks ago and had to create flyers telling people about stress, how to relieve it, and how to prevent it.  Here are a couple of great examples: 

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