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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

6th grade Super Heros

The 6th graders have finished their locker caddies which have been turning out GREAT!  After finished, students move into creative sewing.  It is amazing what a bit of fabric can be made into.

Note Chicken-Man...  the mask and the cocks comb (the red thing on the top of a rooster) is the remnants of an old jacket that has been cut up a million different times... and still it had a use. He added a beak and the wattle (the red dangly thing on the chin). Brilliant!

I love seeing the creativity of the OMS students come out.  So cool! 


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My morning helpers...

I have some 8th graders that come in the morning to help me...  here is their kind of help....

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Welcome Quarter 2 Students!

Welcome to the Quarter 2 6th & 7th grade students! 

Important dates:

6th & 7th Grades - Syllabus Due: Thursday, November 8

6th Grade - Money due: Tuesday, November 20
7th Grade - Supplies due: Monday, November 19

The schedule (approximately) for the quarter.... for both 6th & 7th grades:

Weeks 1 -2 =  Personal Development in both grades.
Weeks 3-5 (or 6) = Sewing
Weeks 6 – 7/8 = Finish Personal Development
Weeks 8-9 = Cooking
January 1-16 = End Of Course Exam (date varies depending on what period you have FACS)

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Your Teachers Hard at Work

Mrs. Hubbard, Mrs. Smith, & Mrs. Weaver dressed to win at the Idaho Lottery Scratch to Win event.  Robert Stewart won the whole event, but we made some $$$$ for O'Leary too!

Aprons Q1 - Good work!

I am having saving problems so this is the only photo I have.  A SMALL example of some AMAZING aprons this quarter!  good work crew!

Recipes on the RIGHT

6th & 7th grade recipes can be found at the right. Click the link and then scroll down to find the recipe you want.

Cook and Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

6th & 7th Grade EOC Oct 31

All 6th and 7th grade students will have their EOC on October 31st.  Study. Look to the right to view the Study Guide.  Thanks! 

Monday, September 24, 2012

Where is the throat plate???? 

This week, students in all 3 grades are learning or reviewing the parts of the sewing machine, sewing machine safety, and then will begin sewing on the machine.  It is an exctiting week!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Well.. we have started another year. The 6th graders are setteling in and enjoying middle school (mostly) and I think most of them are even getting to all their classes on time! wa-hoo! 

We have been learning about personal development in 6th grade & 7th grade, and learning about STRESS! in 8th grade.

Stress is a matter of perspective... change your perspective and reduce your stress!  Ask your 8th grader about stress relief techniques and how to live a stress free lifestyle.


-Mrs. Hubbard

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Quarter 2 pictures

Some pictures from Quarter 2 also: 


These are pictures from all grades sewing. We saw some AMAZING work over the last couple of months!! GREAT WORK students!  It has been a fantastic quarter.  

I have been slack on getting things on here... hope you enjoy these pictures!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

6th - Supply List

Hey 6th graders!  News about your $6.75...

Your student has started a new Exploratory Elective this week!  His/her group has left Drama and is now in Family and Consumer Sciences.  The 6th graders this year will be making a Locker Caddy to hang in their lockers to use for organization. 

The cost is $6.75 and should be paid by Thursday, Feb 9, 2012.  It is preferable students pay in cash, but checks will be accepted.    

Students should take the cash or check for $6.75 to Mrs. Anderson in the front office.  She will accept money before and after school and during lunch, she will not accept payments in between classes. Mrs. Anderson will give your student a receipt which will need to be turned into me.  No receipt = not paid.  Students will not be able to do sewing project until payment is made. 

We have some students who cannot afford the cost of the project; if your family is interested in donating to a supplies scholarship fund, please let me know. 

Please, if the cost of this project is cannot be provided by our family, please contact me so I can make other arrangements.    

7th - Supplies

Hey all 7th graders!  Here is your supply list:

The 7th graders will be making jean aprons.  Supplies are due in class by Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The needed supplies are:
·        1 pair of old but cleanish and without many holes adult jeans
o   (Avoid women’s super fitted jeans; they are not big enough for project)
·        2 ½ - 3 yards of ribbon 5/8 inch - 1 ½ inch wide
·        ¼ yard of decorative fabric (if student wants to put ruffles on bottom of apron)
·        1 large spool of thread - any color
·        1-2 old T-shirts, tank tops, or long sleeve shirts
o   any size:  baby - adult (although adult XL and bigger is not the best)

We have some students who cannot afford the materials needed for this project; if your family is interested in donating supplies or money to a supplies scholarship fund, please let me know.  We are especially in need of extra t-shirts/tank tops size Child – Adult L and ribbon.

Please, if these supplies are unattainable for your student due to cost or other reason, contact me.