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7th Grade EOC Study Guide

2012-2013 7th Grade EOC (End of Course Exam) Study Guide

What you need to know for the EOC:

1.      Know how to thread sewing machine

2.      Be able to label the sewing machine:
a.       Bobbin Area
b.      Bobbin Winder
c.       Hand wheel
d.      Presser Foot
e.       Presser Foot Lifter Bar
f.       Spool Pins
g.      Stitch Length Control & Reverse Stitch
h.      Stitch Pattern Control 
i.        Stitch Width Control
j.        Thread take-up Lever
k.      Thread guide
l.        Tension Control
m.    Throat Plate

3.      What is backstitching and why do you do it?

It is when you sew backwards on the machine. You do it at the beginning and end to tie a knot in the thread so the sewing does not come undone.

4.      What are the stitch width and stitch length settings needed to make a zigzag stitch?

Length:      above 1                                                Width:   above 1

5.      What does “safety” look like when the class is sewing? (give 2 examples)

Walk with scissors by your legs, blade in hand. 
Don’t sew too fast
Cut in an open space that is flat and has nothing else on it
Don’t mess around

6.      What is Upcycling?

Taking one thing that you do not want any more or are not using and use it to make something else (example: jeans to apron! T-shirt to bag!)

7.      Define these things:
a.       3 social desires we all have:
1.      To belong to a group or something bigger than yourself
2.      To be special and important
3.      To have a primary relationship

b.      Communication
Moving information from one place to another

c.       Verbal Communication
Using words written or spoken

d.      Non Verbal Communication
No words – facial expressions, body language, sign language, etc.

e.       Need (as defined by our class) vs. Want
Need = something necessary for success in a certain situation
Want = something that may make life “better”

f.       Adolescence
Stage of life between 11-22 years old about that has  a LOT of changes happening (physical, emotional, social, and brain changes are all happening at this time)

8.      What is a budget (or spending plan) and what is the point of one?
A plan to help a person not spend to much and to be sure they spend their money on what they need and then if there is some money left over they can buy some stuff they may want.

9.      What does “safety” look like in the kitchens? (give 2 examples)
No snapping towels
Use potholders
Don’t leave drawers, cupboards, or the oven open when not in use
Tie hair back 

10.  What is the difference between doubling a recipe and halving a recipe?
Doubling you times everything by 2  example: 3 cup of flour becomes 6 cups of flour
Halving you divide everything by 2  example: 8 cups of water becomes 4 cups of water

11.  Know what kitchen equipment is called and how to use the equipment.
Measuring spoons, liquid measuring cups, dry measuring cups, wooden spoons, sauce pans, frying pans, grater, strainer, stove, etc. 

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