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6th Grade Self-Esteem Make-Up work.

Follow the link below and read about Self-Esteem. Then use the information to complete the questions below.

Self-Esteem Information from KidsHealth.org

Directions:  You may use this paper or your own mind map, or lined paper to finish the work below:
Please define self esteem using the internet, a dictionary, or other resources:

What does self esteem mean to you? 

Discuss with a parent or caregiver why self esteem is important. And write a brief description of your conversation here (or attach a lined piece of paper with the description on it): 

Write a list of 5 things you are good at a separate list of 5 things you are not so good at:
5 things I am good at:

5 things I am not so good at:

What is a goal you could do based on one of the things you are good at?

What are 5 ways you could increase your self-esteem?

What are 5 ways you could increase the self-esteem of those around you? 

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