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8th Grade Internet Shopping Make-Up Work



Today, you are going shopping!  Pretend you have $150 to spend on clothes.  Don’t worry about tax or shipping, just the price of the item.  Buy whatever you’d like as long as it doesn’t support illegal drugs, alcohol, or gangs.  You can spend less than $150 but you cannot spend more than $150.  You must "buy" at least 3 things.  You will use the internet to do your shopping.  

Directions: Copy and paste a picture of each item into a word document.  
Also list the following information for each item you purchased:
1.  price
2.  color
3.  What fabric it is made of (example cotton, polyester, silk, etc.)
4.  Any wash/care instructions given on the Web site.  

If there are no wash/care instructions, Google how to wash the material it is made out of and put that   information on your sheet.

Print that document. Then answer the following questions and print this document out also.  You will pass in both documents to Mrs. Hubbard. 

1.  Explain at least one reason you chose to buy these items:

Pick one of your items to answer the following 3 questions.  Name of the item here:

2. Is the color primary, intermediate, or secondary?  Is it a tint or a shade of the color? 
                  (hint;  use Google or other search engine to find this information out)

3.  Why did you choose this color?

5.  What material is the item made out of 
Total Cost:
and how is it to be washed? 

6.    You had $150 to “spend”, fill in the chart showing how you spent your $150.

Turn these questions and the pictures of the items you bought into Mrs. Hubbard

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